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Conventional braces are available in both clear and metal. And with the advances in the design of braces, the material of construction is no longer a factor in the quality of the final result or the length of time in treatment.

Today we use the latest design in self-ligating brackets. In the past the arch wire, the wire that connected all the teeth together was secured to the brackets with small colored elastic or small twisted wires. Self-ligating brackets secure to the bracket with a door on the bracket. Self-ligating brackets allow adjustments of the braces without tightening. The doors are spring-loaded allowing less frequent adjustments and faster tooth movement because of less friction. Average treatment time has dropped from 20 to 15 months, and very often the teeth are straight in a year.
In addition to being faster and more comfortable, self-ligating clear braces are the most cosmetically appealing braces to ever grace a smile under construction.

If you are seeking a second opinion, ask the offices you visit if they are using self-ligating brackets and if they offer different systems tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

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