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Mercury is a Premium Long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser

Treating multiple indications such as Hair removal, Vascular lesion, Skin rejuvenation and newly added nail/toe fungus lesions. Strong dual cooling system – Skin Cooling System (SCS) and Contact Cooling System – provides less pain and downtime. Mercury guarantees fast and effective treatment through it’s powerful output with large spot size.

How dose it work?

Principle of Vascular Treatment
– Coagulation of hemoglobin in veins

Energy Control

Apply different level energy according to depth, width, thickness of target vein Laser penetration depth to test the energy level before procedure

Principle of Hair Removal

Breakdown of hair follicle and elimination of surrounding veins through selective photothermolysis.
Application of energy longer than Thermal Relaxation time (TRT) of epidermal melanin and shorter than TRT of follicle melanin.
Elimination of hair follicle located deep in skin using Penetration depth 0f 1064nm.
Low absorption by other cells: Low possibility of skin texture change or unwanted pigmentation.
TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time)

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