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Porcelain veneers are durable, thin, hand-sculpted ceramic shells bonded to the front of teeth to create bright, beautiful smiles. We will take detailed measurements of your facial features, assess symmetry, and consider your skin tone before designing your veneers. He will thoroughly discuss your ideal smile with you, and then make that smile a reality.

Your veneers will complement your lips and face while appearing completely natural and maintaining proper bite alignment. Many people comment that their self-esteem and confidence levels rise dramatically as a result of having porcelain veneers.


The veneer process typically takes three office visits to complete. During the first visit, you and our Doctor will discuss your desires to transform your smile. You’ll also talk about the phases of porcelain veneer treatment. Pictures of smiles in magazines and photos from our before-and-after gallery can be helpful in determining your goals.

Our Doctor will perform an oral examination and may take x-rays, photographs, and moulds/models. Scientific analysis and principles, as well as artistic interpretation, are applied to create a new smile design. This can be done with computer imaging and a wax-up of the teeth.

During the second visit, our Doctor will prep your teeth for veneers. He’ll apply an anaesthetic before removing about ½ millimetres of enamel from the surface of each tooth receiving a veneer. After your teeth are prepped, we’ll take an impression and fit you with temporary acrylic veneers. A ceramist at our laboratory will use your dental impression to fabricate your permanent veneers. Typically, the turnaround time for receiving the veneers from the laboratory is about two weeks.

During the third appointment, we’ll remove your temporary veneers and place the permanent ones on your teeth to ensure proper fit and color. If needed, adjustments to the color can be made with the tinted cement used to permanently bond the veneers in place. Before your veneers are permanently attached, we’ll clean, polish, and etch your teeth to promote strong bonding. A curing light activates the cement so that it hardens very quickly. Excess cement is removed, and bite alignment checked. We’ll take photographs of your new smile and make an appointment to see you in about two weeks for a quick check of the gums.